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    Where Madison Avenue meets Silicon Valley without the fluff and filler!

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    We equip the next generation of brands - from start-ups to scale-ups to blue-chip brands - to weather the perfect storm of brand extinction, talent erosion and business model implosion.


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  • Our solution

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    Are you seaworthy?


    • Innovation Roadmapping
    • Positioning, Message and Narrative Design
    • Consumer Journey Development
    • Go to Market Approaches
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    Are you equipped for the journey?


    • Capability Design and Training
    • "Intrapreneurial Activation"
    • Inclusion and Leadership Development
    • Parter Selection
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    Are you ready to set sail?


    • Exploration and discovery of new business models and/or revenue streams
    • Vertical integration across entire consumer journey
    • "Heresy workshops " (put yourselves out of business or someone else will)
    • Startup partnership and collaboration
  • The HMS Beagle Difference

    Cutting edge and original thinking that keeps brands current, relevant and most importantly, alert!

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    Embrace your mortality. Live your life to the fullest!


    Our proprietary Survival Planning Canvas delivers a unique snapshot of a brand's health and wellness, incorporating past, present and future into a sublime mix of transformation or "becoming."

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    Survive to Thrive! Find the hockey stick growth curve.


    We develop Growth Plans that utilize four unique growth pillars (Digital Disruption, Talent Resurrection, Customer Obsession, Corporate Citizenship) with a discerning view that rejects bright and shiny objects.

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    Change the business you're in. It's easier than you think.


    Transformation journey maps help capture each step of the journey and merchandise short, medium and longer term successes to all key stakeholders.

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    client voyage: MASAMI

    MASAMI is a premium clean haircare brand with a Japanese ocean botanical, Mekabu, for the ultimate in hydrated hair.


    Potential for Extinction:

    The beauty category is insanely crowded. Without the right product, strategy & marketing plan, you’re dead on arrival.


    Survival Plan:

    HMSB created a new premium DTC+ haircare brand, MASAMI, which launched in NYC in February 2020.


    Key milestones included:

    •Brand finalization (and trademark)

    •Product formulations finalized in July 2019

    •Soft launch Nov 2019

    •PR activation in 2/13/2020


    Growth Plan:

    Developed an aggressive zero-based budget marketing plan, focusing on PR, social & influencers to get fast traction.

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    client voyage: Censia

    Potential for Extinction:

    There are increasingly more and more recruiting solutions today and the need for top talent has never been greater.


    Survival Plan:

    HMSB helped Censia reframe the talent and recruiting market to establish themselves as the leader in the new recruiting world of “AI meets Humans” by bringing the best of both worlds together. Help Censia marry their founder story with their brand story in a way that’s forward looking and compelling.


    Key milestones included:

    • New brand narrative July

    • Shifted from tech-heavy to balanced approach of "humans and machines" in perfect partnership strategic and visual approach across all media, content and collateral


    Growth Plan:

    Developed messaging tracks and contents ideas to activate their evolved positioning.

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    client voyage: currnt

    Potential for Extinction:

    Convet.it was a virtual advisory board platform that was pigeonholed as a research platform and needed to figure out how to scale or risk ending up in the startup graveyard.


    Survival Plan:

    Convet.it hired HMSB to help develop an entire brand positioning, architecture, new brand name & logo, narrative, go to market strategy, investor pitch.


    Key milestones included:

    •Rebranded as currnt

    •Positioned as “The Fresh Knowledge Movement”

    •Developed prioritized and tiered audience segmentation

    •Aligned with archetypes, developed tonality & language

    •Advised on go to market strategy and trade marketing


    Growth Plan:

    HMSB’s work led to key shifts, all focused on scale:

    -From private to public

    -From tech led to people led

    -From limited use cases to universal global appeal

    -From niche experience to knowledge network

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    client voyage: artsai

    artsai is a publisher-centric adtech solution offering dynamic creative, data optimization & attribution across display, audio & video at scale.


    Potential for Extinction:

    Advertisers are looking harder at ROI and consolidation in the digital marketing space and are less willing to deal with one-off solutions.


    Survival Plan:

    HMSB helped Artsai pivot their business to be the hero for publishers and help them create new advertising revenue streams that are ROI positive and return to growth.


    Key milestones included:

    •New positioning in place December 2019 (3 new publisher deals secured)

    •Evolved website up in January 2020


    Growth Plan:

    Developed content and thought leadership strategy to help Artsai be THE resource for publishers.

  • Meet the Crew

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    Lynn Power

    First Mate, Co-Founder

    CEO, JWT New York; President, Arnold


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    Joseph Jaffe

    Admiral, Co-Founder

    Founder of crayon & Evol8tion, 5 time Author


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    Phil McIntyre


    Business Development & Growth Engagement

    Founder & CEO, The Brand Gallery


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